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(32) Where the provider of an electronic communications service or of a value added service subcontracts the processing of personal data necessary for the provision of these services to another entity, such subcontracting and subsequent data processing should be in full compliance with the requirements.They all talk about trade but above all about the cultural dialogue between civilizations that shared ideals of royalty, symbols of power and religious practices.Processing of location data other than traffic data in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 must be restricted to persons acting under the authority of the provider of the public communications network or publicly available communications service or of the third party providing the value.Official Journal L 201,.For this purpose, the Commission may request information from the Member States, which shall be supplied without undue delay.However, in addition, digital mobile networks may have the capacity to process location data which are more precise than is necessary for the transmission of communications and which are used for the provision of value added services such as services providing individualised traffic information and.The single market requires a harmonised approach to ensure simple, Community-wide rules for businesses and users.
(14) Location data may refer to the latitude, longitude and altitude of the user's terminal equipment, to the direction of travel, to the level of accuracy of the location information, to the identification of the network cell in which the terminal equipment is located.

Article 13 Unsolicited communications.(8) Legal, regulatory and technical provisions adopted by the Member States concerning the protection of personal data, privacy and the legitimate interest of legal persons, in the electronic communication sector, should be harmonised in order to avoid obstacles to the internal market for electronic communication.The precious Egyptian finds of the Berman Collection and the works on loan from the Egyptian Section of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence are added to the unpublished discoveries of Vulci.Member States shall ensure that the use of electronic communications networks to store information or to gain access to information stored in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user is only allowed on condition that the subscriber or user concerned is provided with clear.(9) The Member States, providers and users concerned, together with the competent Community bodies, should cooperate in introducing and developing the relevant technologies where this is necessary to apply the guarantees provided for by this Directive and taking particular account of the objectives of minimising.Più Recensito 25 febbraio 2018 da dispositivo mobile Bello e gratuito In una giornata di pioggia è un posto ideale per trascorrere un paio di ore ad osservare ed incuriosirsi su questa piccola ma ricca collezione di sculture e mosaici antichi egizie, sumere, etrusche elleniche.Therefore, in order to preserve the privacy of the user, Member States should encourage the development of electronic communication service options such as alternative payment facilities which allow anonymous or strictly private access to publicly available electronic communications services, for example calling cards and facilities.Where consent of the users or subscribers has been obtained for the processing of location data other than traffic data, the user or subscriber must continue to have the possibility, using a simple means and free of charge, of temporarily refusing the processing of such.
(45) This Directive is without prejudice to the arrangements which Member States make to protect the legitimate interests of legal persons with regard to unsolicited communications for direct marketing purposes.
Article 8 Presentation and restriction of calling and connected line identification.