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I 1978-10 Anos de Cancion Tradicional (Directo) W Wedding Present, The 1988-Tommy (2014 Remastered and Expanded Edition) C Chapterhouse 1993-Blood Music E Elvis Costello and the Attractions 1979-Armed Forces 1979-Armed Forces (US) G Global Communication 1993-Pentamerous Metamorphosis (1998 Remaster) K Killing Joke 1985-Night Time.
Explosion E Eels 2001-Souljacker F Fang 2001-My Weakpoint 2005-My Black Dress F Fromheadtotoe 2000-Fromheadtotoe L Lou Reed 1973-Berlin M Mercury Rev 1993-Boces V Vegetales, Los 1995-Canciones Desde La Tumba (1985-1990) L Luthiers, Les 1991-Cardoso en Gulevandia 0-vvaa 2008-Radio MAI Recopilatorio C Clash, The 1981-The Rat.
R Rolling Stones, The 1967-Flowers, w Waterboys, The 2004-This is the Sea (1985) 2004-This is the Sea (Additional Recordings) 0-Clasica 2005-Requiem, m Magnetic Fields, The 2008-Distortion.
Harvey 1992-Dry 1993-4 Track Demos 1993-Rid of Me 1995-To Bring You my Love 1996-Dance Hall at Louse Point 1998-Is This Desire 2000-Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea 2007-White Chalk V Vainica Doble 1973-Heliotropo 1976-Contracorriente 1980-El Eslabon Perdido 1981-El Tigre del Guadarrama 1984-Taquicardia 1997-Todas.T Two Nice Girls 1989-Sweet Jane (With Affection).1 0-vvaa 2001-Spanish Bizarro-Celtiberia Records Vol.X 2017-Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (EP) S Swans 1991-White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity 1994-The Great Annihilator A Anne Clark 1998-Just After Sunset-The Poetry Of Rainer Maria Rilke (with Martyn Bates) B sexo em nova york temporada 4 online Burning Spear 1975-Marcus Garvey S Schoenherz and Fleer 2001-Rilke Projekt-Bis An Alle.Volumen I (A Capela) T Tito and Tarantula 1997-Tarantism 2000-Little Bitch T Tito and Tarantula 1999-Hungry Sally and Other Killer Lullabies X Xasthur 2010-Portal Of Sorrow N Nuevo Mester de Juglaria 1986-Coplas del Tio Sidin 2007-Todo Duero S Status Quo 1976-Blue for You T Tito.3 Misc O Ofra Haza 1986-Yemenite Songs 1988-Shaday A Apocalyptica 2010-Broken Pieces (Single) B Black Tape For A Blue Girl 2016-These Fleeting Moments Bloody Hammers 2016-Lovely Sort of Death Blues Pills 2016-Lady in Gold D Dinosaur.Estas Liquidado D David Gilmour 2008-Live in Gdansk D Dean Martin 1959-Sleep Warm Deftones 1995-Adrenaline 1997-Around the Fur S Shonen Knife 2014-Overdrive D Deftones 2000-White Pony (Limited Edition) Duncan Dhu 1987-El Grito del Tiempo D Deftones 2006-Saturday Night Wrist Dervish 1997-Live in Palma Duncan Dhu.Solitary Man R Radio Futura 1980-Divina (Single) 1982-Dance Usted (Single) 1982-La Estatua del Jardin Botanico (Single) C Clavel i Jazmin 1980-Reina por un Dia P Pata Negra 1983-Guitarras Callejeras Perrera, La 1992-Discografia.Mamoneo 2014-Directo En Las Ventas 27-9-14 S Silvia Perez Cruz 2016-Domus M Milla 1994-The Divine Comedy P Patriotic Sunday, The 2005-Lay Your Soul Bare T Traffic 1968-Traffic (2001 Remastered Edition) B Burzum 2011-Fallen Q Queens Of The Stone Age 2003-Go With The Flow (Single, Interscope.Rarezas A Arctic Monkeys 2007-Brianstorm (Single) 2007-Favourite Worst Nightmare 2007-Fluorescent Adolescent (Single) 2007-Teddy Picker (Single) W Wau Y Los Arrrghs 2009-Live wfmu (Bootleg) 2009-Viven N Nikis, Los 1996-Lo Mejor 2004-Los Nikis Tribute Diez Anos en Sing Sing (vvaa) S Siniestro Total 1997-Chusma (EP) A Aerolineas.Lang 1992-Ingenue 1993-Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (OST) P Pentangle, The 1969-Basket of Light (2001 Remaster) 1989-A Maid That's Deep In Love (Compilation) 1993-One More Road B Black Sabbath 1970-Paranoid 1972-Vol.1 2004-Real Gone D Decemberists, The 2011-The King Is Dead A Angel Kaplan 2012-Pictures from the Past D Decemberists, The 2009-The Hazards of Love A AC-DC 1995-Ballbreaker Apocalyptica 2010-7th Symphony D Decemberists, The 2002-Castaways and Cutouts 2003-Her Majesty A Apocalyptica 1996-Plays Metallica by Four Cellos.
1 2002-Spanish Bizarro-Celtiberia Records Vol.

My Trial 1996-Murder Ballads 1997-The Boatman's Call 2001-No More Shall We Part 2004-Abattoir Blues-The Lyre of Orpheus P Paradise Lost 1995-Draconian Times Patti Smith Group 1978-Easter Pavement 1995-Wowee Zowee R REM 2001-Reveal V Viuda Negra, La 1998-La Viuda Negra S Shampoo 1994-Trouble (Single) 1994-We Are.1987-Bilboko Gaztetxean Mago de Oz 2005-Madrid Las Ventas (Live) 2007-La Ciudad de los Arboles M Mantus 2009-Koenigreich der Angst (EP) Marlango 2004-Marlango A Aerosmith 2012-Music from Another Dimension L Luthiers, Les 1995-Grandes Hitos M Marlango 2005-Automatic Imperfection S Sun City Girls 1991-Three Fake Female Orgasms.I Ilegales, Los misc, j Javier Andreu 1999-Libro de Cuentos Jesus Cifuentes 1995-El Caiman Verde Jesus and Mary Chain, The 1990-Rollercoaster.Duse im Sauseschritt (Single) K Kings of Leon 2004-Aha Shake Heartbreak T Tangerine Dream 1978-Cyclone 1981-Exit A Avalanches, The 2000-Since I Left You K Kings of Leon 2003-Youth and Young Manhood A AIR 2000-The Virgin Suicides (OST) H Handsome Furs Video S Status Quo 1969-Spare.Union 1994-Zureo Voodoo Drums 2001-Drummers of The Societe Absolument Guinin L Luis Eduardo Aute 1985-Nudo T Tangerine Dream 1985-Le Parc 1986-Underwater Sunlight L Luis Eduardo Aute 1987-Templo 0-vvaa 1963-A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records D Dead Kennedys 1980-Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables.V Visage 1980-Visage, w Wedding Present, The 1987-George Best 1988-Nobody's Twisting Your Arm EP 1991-Seamonsters 1996-Saturnalia 2004-Peel Session 21-Sep-04, a Al Stewart 1976-The Year of the Cat Alizee 2007-Psychedelices Angelo Branduardi 1977-La Pulce D'Acqua.The Zutons R Robert Wyatt 1974-Rock Bottom N National, The 2017-Sleep Well Beast P Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The 2017-The Echo Of Pleasure T Torres 2015-Sprinter 2017-Skim (Single) N National, The 2013-Trouble Will Find Me T Torres 2013-Torres Video Tyla 1997-Gothic (Flowers.Ein Blumenstrauss, der nie verwelkt L Lloyd Cole and the Commotions 2015-Collected Recordings (Box Set) A Amaral 2015-Nocturnal G Goldfrapp 2003-Strict Machine (Single) 2013-Tales of Us (Deluxe Edition) F Flaming Lips, The 2002-Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots F Flaming Lips, The 1999-The Soft Bulletin (2005.P Planetas, Los 2004-Contra la ley de la gravedad Polla Records, La 1983-Y Ahora Que 1984-Salve 1985-Revolucion 1987-No Somos Nada 1988-Donde Se Habla 1990-Ellos Dicen Mierda, Nosotros Amen 1990-Los Jubilados 1991-Barman 1992-Negro 1993-Hoy Es El Futuro 1994-Bajo Presion 1996-Carne Para La Picadora 1999-Toda La Puta.
King 2008-One Kind Favor V Violent Femmes 1983-Violent Femmes 1983-Violent Femmes (Deluxe Edition) 1993-New Times D Desequilibrio Animal 1997-Mama Estoy Bien Eso Esta Mal No Tienes Huevos Planeta Mierda X Xavier Cugat 1997-Cuban Mambo 1998-The best of Xavier Cugat and his orchestra Xera 2006-Lliendes.
3 KV216, Violinkonzert.